“Nana” has a dreamer’s spirit. She lives to paint and read fantasy books. But despite the magic of those fantasy worlds, her favorite place to be is with her folks--she has a strong sense of family, which gives her strength and makes her the smiley, happy girl that she is. She loves to capture her memories with them and with her friends in scrapbooks.

Last spring she was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. She underwent chemotherapy and had a rough experience with her bone marrow transplant surgery. She gets nausea, puffiness, and stretch marks from her steroids, and also has allergic reactions to her medicine--meaning headaches, stomach pains, and mouth sores. She wishes she could see more of her family and friends.

Yet she always has that smile. She is always strong, and always telling others not to worry about her. No matter what happens she just “rolls with the punches, goes with the flow,” says her mother. A hero is anyone who has been through a lot, and according to her mom, her family has become even stronger by watching Adriana be strong.